How we work

If you are looking for a ghost producer, sound designer
or a record producer, here you are in the right place.
Our approach allows us to understand your project
and help you to realize it.

For this reason, first of all, we spend some time to listen to you and talk togheter to tune in with your goal.
We can work on your project to produce your personal sound as an architect or a graphic designer.

How it works :

  1. You will send us a description about your project and your needs. We would like to have a complete description with all the information like artist biography, some previous productions, and a couple of reference music tracks for us to set the new project.
  2. We will send you an offer in order to reach an agreement with all kind of details like number of tracks, transfer of music rights, time delivery and other terms.
  3. We will produce a draft and send it back so that you can listen to it
  4. After finishing the production with mixing and mastering we will finally send it to you.

When our work will be finished, we will send you all about your project, included all tracks (midi, stems, mix, master).

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